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Portrait Of An American Family

Released 12 July 1994, Marilyn Manson's debut album.

Portrait of an American Family album front cover Portrait of an American Family album back cover. Photo by Robin Perrine
  1. Prelude (Family Trip)
  2. Cake And Sodomy
  3. Lunchbox
  4. Organ Grinder
  5. Cyclops
  6. Dope Hat
  7. Get Your Gunn
  8. Wrapped In Plastic
  9. Dogma
  10. Sweet Tooth
  11. Snake Eyes And Sissies
  12. My Monkey
  13. Misery Machine
On the table on the album cover picture, there are little models of The Beatles next to the lamp. The boy in the photo on the back cover is Twiggy's half-brother Wes Brown. He's holding an ear-piercing needle rather than a syringe.

Of the album tracks, Sweet Tooth was the only one not regularly played live.

Band credits for POAAF: "Starring: Daisy Berkowitz: psychoacoustical guitars/ Twiggy Ramirez: base tendencies/ Madonna Wayne Gacy: Hammond organ, theremin, saxophone, calliopenis, brass, babies, distorted muzette, loops/ Sara Lee Lucas: hitting / Mr. Manson: accusations, child manipulations, backwards masking, Polaroids."

The girl singing on track 9, Dogma, is Hope Nichols.
Singles from Portrait album:
  1. Get Your Gunn [9 June 1994]
  2. Lunchbox [24 January 1995]

Dope Hat was planned to be the third single but it turned into the Smells Like Children EP release instead.

Tracks on POAAF singles